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Pil's World


Pil's Home Town

Long ago Elfin lived above ground in the light, but the monstrosities that hunt in Haven are numerous and deadly. After years of being hunted Elfin kind dwindled to near extinction. It was the first Elfin king, Alfer Arrow, who hid the remains of his people underground. Those few who had survived for years in the light now dug caves and tunnels making a home in the deep and dark. Eventually the hasty construction of a town space was underway. Thus, was born the broken-down buildings of Lower town and the start of Westleton.
As Westleton expanded with new life, it expanded from lower town, to mid-town, to the castle grounds. Those three divides now determine the class structure. From the poor to the royal Westleton is the very center of the Elfin realm, and the home to an ancient species.



"Live for the whole or die alone"

A brave band of soldiers, the Exidite were founded to harvest resources from above ground and to protect the borders of the Elfin mounds. They are the only Elfin who can travel to the surface of Haven; even if only during the night weeks. Harlem Havok the heroic Elfin prince, leads these men and women from Entri, the position of a newly minted Exidite, to titled Exidite soldiers. Three squadrons comprise an average Exidite army including; the Elysian, the Stratedite, and the Scouts. The Elysian are the fighting Elfin. Though they are trained in all aspects of the Exidite, the Elysian are chosen as those most compatible with combat. The Stratedite plan the moves the Exidite make; led by the cunning Avalon Astro they map the road ahead and record the many paths they have taken. The Scouts, like their namesake suggests, scout the unfamiliar terrain ensuring that the Exidite stay out of harm’s way. Though Elfin can survive for centuries the casualties of the Exidite account for the majority of recent deaths. But in the days to come there will be many and more. Not even the cunning Exidite, nor the brave prince Harlem, can avoid the oncoming storm.


A Elfin History

Alfer Arrow recorded life as it was known above ground in Haven thousands of years before Elfin kind had made its home in Westleton. That record still exists today in some capacity. Although it has long since been translated from the old Elfin language, it remains the most complete record of life on Haven. It chronicles not only certain creatures of Haven and their attributes, but also the plant life and geological makeup of their world. The first king Alfer Arrow was known for many things; chief among these is the book Beings of Haven. It seems the modern Elfin culture was born almost entirely from the first kings many beliefs, including the credo: Live for the whole or die alone.

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