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How to write when you have anxiety

Today, as I struggle with distraction and a lack of confidence. I thought it might be nice to share whatever experience I have on the matter. I'll break it down into three simple, yet hopefully helpful, steps.

Step 1: Just do it

First, you need to start. Put down the phone, the distractions; turn on the classical music, or your favorite jazz playlist, or maybe even a reel of nature sounds from YouTube, and start writing!

This is the atmosphere I try the most to replicate. My sentences are sharper. My thoughts are more clear and efficient.

Create the atmosphere for YOU, everyone is different, just as every book is different. Maybe for you it is scented candles and the dark, or a nearby café, orrr the sound of nails on a chalkboard, whatever.

Find your happy place and just start. In the words of the great Shia LeBeouf "JUST DO IT!! DO IT!! MAKE YOUR DREAMS HAPPEN!!!!"

(Part 2 of Step 1)

Once you have started, find the groove of your writing. Where are you taking the story, see it in your mind's eye and go there! Don't worry about the outcome, or the grammar, or any particular scene.

As a fellow author friend posted, people often remember the feeling of what they read, not the exact words used. < Solid advice. Don't trip yourself up, keep it going - let the good times flow!!

There will be time to revise. Ages, weeks, hopefully not years...

Step 2:

While often ignored, this step can be crucial to the success of your writing.

Write for yourself.

IT SHOWS. People can feel when you yourself believe in the story, when you are living your art rather than pandering to a specific audience.

If you don't enjoy what you are writing, stop writing it. :)

Step 3:

Don't be afraid of failure. Because you will fail.

There most likely will come a person who absolutely hated everything about your work.

You as a person are NOT intended for all audiences, there are too many beliefs and opinions in this world for you to satiate them all. Breathe. Surround yourself with motivation and breathe.

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