Artist Statement



Artist Statement


My artwork explores the use of a figure, or a fragment of a figure, to relate a specific intent. Using a wide variety of materials, but commonly oil painting on a canvas of or exceeding four foot in height, I take the expressional human form to a level of embodiment that comments on modern day issues such as anxiety, consumerism, and religion. I very much believe that people, and our construction of them, elicit a distinct story to be interpreted by the audience. Using only a fragmented figure to force the audience to look deeper into issues, that relate to their own human experience, completes the individual artwork statements. In this case the audience’s interpretation of my work is a very important factor that I take into consideration when creating it.

The idea of embodiment plays a crucial role in my pieces as I explore the depths of how human anatomy and sentiment intersect. Through a range of different series my body of work discovers these concepts using only colors and body language. These individual projects express themes such as; Anxiety, and the fears that are instinctual and generic; Consumerism, specifically the idea that we are consumed by commercial products; and Religion, where spiritual concepts are projected into the form of human embodiment. These everyday themes come to play with a single figure, and often with expressive and simplistic backgrounds. Only one figure is used per painting to further illustrate the power of human emotion and expression.

My series titled: Fear, makes the audience feel this emotion and leads them to question the source of the reaction articulated in the figure. Subtle clues are hidden, throughout the background and the specific color palette to help the reader better understand the hidden intent. The intent of this series is specifically to relate the emotions that come from genetic and instinctual fears. The paintings colors are chosen with care and are limited in a precise way so that the emotional state of the figure is more easily spoken. For example, the first painting of this series is titled Hollow Hope which is expressed in the blue tone used to create the figure. This blue is used as a metaphor for hope, and hollows out throughout the body in various locations representing the hope that is quickly fading.

The common thread between these projects will remain the same. This being the exploration of fractal images and how these alone are enough to bring to light complex issues. The expressions a human can make are my focus, this is often where a variety of different methods are merged so that a message is articulated. The methods used include embellishment of color and realism as well as the selection of the items that form each piece.